The following is feedback from a parent of one of our young adults, which was required by Driving Up Quality concerning our submitted self-assessment, details of which you can find through the link on our links page.




From: Stella Russell

Sent: 24 April 2014 09:16

Subject: Feedback Self Assessment


My Feedback to the SCASS Self Assessment Statement is as follows:



I am a parent of an autistic young man who is non-verbal with learning disabilities and who can display very challenging behaviour including absconding. My son has been a client of SCASS for many years and having read the Self Assessment I can agree 100% with what is stated.


My experience has been that SCASS have managed to successfully blend a professional service with a family feel to it. SCASS have avoided becoming institutionalised and have retained a "home from home" ethos, which is very difficult to find especially in Adult provisions.


Each client is an individual and is known as such by all members of the staff. The end result of this approach is to produce a caring and holistic service for the young people in their care.


I have always been fully part of the planning of the service given to my son by SCASS having open access to the provision as well as open communication with all the staff. Any concerns they have had with my son whilst in their care have immediately been reported to me as well as his achievements and experiences he has enjoyed.


SCASS is a very supportive provision for my son as well as for me as I am able to have full peace of mind when he is there.


A strength that I would wish to add to the Self Assessment which is not mentioned is the ability of the provision to respond with immediate support in crisis. This in my experience is extremely rare and highly valued.


In my estimation SCASS has made an invaluable contribution to the quality of life of young people like my son with an increasingly rare real caring attitude and commitment to disabled people.


It is my hope that they will receive the proper recognition and support they deserve.



Stella Russell

(Mother of client who attends SCASS Ltd (Blossom House) – details can be given on request)




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